The Optical Sensing & Thermal Analysis Research Group applies the latest optical sensing and thermofluidic modeling techniques to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of xEV powertrains and energy storage system. We are part of the Automotive Engineering Department at Hanyang University.


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Multiphysics modeling

Electric motor thermal management based on multiphysics FVM-FEM modeling

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e-Drivetrain Thermal Management

Modeling cooling system for EV components using CFD

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Battery Thermal Management

Modeling cooling system for EV battery moduels using CFD

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Battery Thermal Management using Phase Change Material

Modeling automotive battery module cooling using phase change material

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Diesel emission soot sensor

Optical on-board diagnostic (OBD) soot sensor development for high-sulfer Diesel engine exhaust

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Electric Motor Thermometry

Remote in-situ permanent magnet thermometry using blackbody radiation

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Mesospheric water concentration measurements using QEPAS

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In-line optical thermometry using OFDR

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Jihyung Yoo (유지형)
Principal investigator

Undergraduate Students


Youngjin Ahn (안영진) - Hyundai Motor Company
Yun Hee Chang (장윤희) - Hyundai Mobis
Seong O Yang (양성오) - LG Innotek
Won Jin Ko (고원진) - Hyundai Motor Company
JeongGwan Han (한정관) - Hyundai Motor Company
Seongyeon Ahn (안성연) - Hyundai Motor Company